Team Spotlight: Data Engineering at Ramsey Solutions

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Did you know we have a team dedicated to data engineering at Ramsey Solutions? Yep. In our Technology Team, we have a squad devoted to all things data—data modeling, data governance, data tools, data analytics, data warehousing, data lake . . . data, data, data. This work is important to our mission. It helps our teams make decisions that lead to serious life change for our customers. Get to know two of our data engineering team members through this quick Q&A. 

Meet Madison Conant: 

Q: Why did you decide to join the Data Engineering Team at Ramsey Solutions? 

A: I've always wanted to work for a company where my work would directly impact people's lives in a positive way. When I heard about working at Ramsey Solutions, I was about to graduate with my bachelor's degree in computer science and was just starting my job search. I was excited because I'd personally experienced how the Baby Steps can drastically, positively affect every area of life. Getting the chance to work for a company where I could apply my programming skills and interest in data to a mission I believed in was really an answer to prayer. I relocated from the Dallas, Texas, area and have come to love Tennessee! One of my favorite hobbies so far has been hiking—there are a lot of great state parks within driving distance. 

Q: What types of problems are you solving? 

A: I'm a data developer dedicated to our Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) program. The ELP team helps connect our customers with trusted professionals (real estate agents, tax advisors, insurance agents) in their local communities. One of the things I love about my job is working with different internal developers and analysts on a variety of projects. In discussions about business results, I get to see how the data models I worked on were used to glean insight and make informed business decisions to better serve our customers. 

Q: How does your work change lives? 

A: When I hear stories from our customers about how the ELP program impacted their lives, I know the work I did helped our analysts and business leaders make the right decisions. In most jobs out there, you aren't able to feel that direct connection to serving the customer. It's one of my favorite parts about Ramsey Solutions' culture—how intentional we are about celebrating customers’ stories and recognizing the team effort that makes them happen. 

Meet Jason Chapman: 

Q: Why did you decide to join the Data Engineering Team at Ramsey Solutions? 

A: Looking back, if I knew then what I know now about working at Ramsey Solutions, I would’ve been fighting to join the team sooner. I’d lived in the local Nashville area for almost 10 years, so I was familiar with the company and loved the mission. I just assumed most of the work being done was front-end web development—I didn’t realize at the time that Ramsey Solutions is doing serious data engineering, business intelligence and analytics work. When I found out about the Data Engineering Team, I was pumped!  

One of the most appealing things about Ramsey Solutions when I was interviewing was the fact that the company is completely debt-free. Other companies I’d worked for in the past were financially unstable, and that resulted in layoffs. The financial stability of Ramsey Solutions really appealed to me, and I knew I wouldn’t be “just another number”—I knew I would be treated like a valuable team member. Now that I’ve been on the team for two years, there are dozens of other reasons I would’ve wanted to join—the culture, the encouragement to grow personally and professionally, the accountability. It’s such a positive environment. Team members pull each other up—we aren’t tearing each other down. 

Q: What types of problems are you solving? 

A: Something I realized after joining the team is that Ramsey Solutions is made up of many different businesses. I’m dedicated to the Financial Peace business unit, which includes Financial PeaceEveryDollarFinancial Coaching and two new products that are currently in beta. Every business unit operates in its own way, and as a data engineering team, we are partnering to set standards to create uniformity across the businesses. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is being able to work with so many different people across Ramsey Solutions to help articulate the long-term value of data standardization. There are a variety of challenges getting everyone on the same page, but once they’re on board with the Data Team’s mission and they see the quick turnaround in terms of value added—it’s amazing. The product team has been doing demos every Friday, and even week over week, the little incremental changes are adding up in terms of being able to demonstrate value with data. We’re capturing new data and using it in new ways that ultimately better serve our customers.  

Q: How does your work change lives? 

A: Part of my job is to help our analysts show the business leadership that if we add or tweak a feature, our customers would be happier and could work the baby steps faster. For example, EveryDollar is a data-heavy product, and if we do data well, it can have a tremendous impact on the customer’s ability to manage their budget using trends and to see the progress they’re making long term. This rings true even for my wife and I doing our monthly budget—if we can look back to see a bigger picture, it helps us stick with it.

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