Becoming Better Partners Through Customer Insights

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At Ramsey Solutions, we have a long history of guiding and equipping our customers throughout their financial, personal and professional journeys. No matter what stage of life our customers are in, we provide world-class educational content and tools to help them create a budget, save for a house, get their dream job, or even start a business. But there are times when customers need a specialized product or service. This is when we point our customers to one of the many trusted resources and partners who can help with everything from buying or selling a home to getting term life insurance, to protecting their legacy with a will.

In the early days of Ramsey Solutions, Dave himself directed customers on the radio to both national and local partners he trusted. These partners were more than just advertisers. They were each carefully vetted to ensure that they served customers with integrity and had the heart of a teacher. In those days, all you had to do was respond to the recommendation from Dave and reach out directly to work with the partner, and then you were on your way.

As our customers engaged with us more and more online, we discovered that we can serve them even better by transforming the way we collaborate with our partners and how we refer our customers to them. We’re able to accomplish this by meeting customers where they are, learning what their needs are, listening to customer problems, and building world-class digital experiences.

Meeting Customers Where They Are

Super -serving our customers means more to us than simply telling them what to do. We aim to meet our customers where they are, teach them about the toxic money culture, and give them tools that will help them figure out what stage of their financial journey they’re in. After they’ve decided whether the recommended partner is right for them, they can feel confident in knowing what to expect and that they’ll be served well along the way.

Identify Customer Problems

As our customers interact with our partners, we regularly reach out to those customers and interview them so we can better understand their motivations for working with the partner, how the process went, and what was confusing. We use these learnings to create customer snapshots that we share with our internal product teams to reference and build empathy for customers who actually interact with our partners.

Build World-Class Digital Experiences

As we turn our customer learnings into opportunities, we’re able to work even closer with our partners to create world-class digital experiences. To accomplish this, our product teams work to develop a deep understanding of the partner’s user flow. Then we pair this information with customer insights and make iterative improvements to the way we digitally hand off our customers to our partners. The best part is when we have a partner that’s so bought in, that they’re not only willing, but eager to add new functionality to their digital experience because of the customer insights we’ve shared with them along the way.

As you can see, when we uncover a need in the marketplace that helps our customers win with their money, we stop at nothing to connect them to a partner we trust. And together with our partners, we use our customer insights to build the best experience possible that meets our customers’ needs. This leads to a uniquely strong partnership that goes well beyond that of a traditional advertiser relationship.