Just One More

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Moviegoers may have seen Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge, or read the book that inspired it, The Unlikeliest Hero: The Story of PFC Desmond T. Doss. I believe the most powerful scene in the movie version of the story is when Private Doss is atop the dreaded "Hacksaw Ridge," named for the intensity of the enemy forces in Okinawa, Japan, during WWII.

A retreat was ordered during the battle on May 5, 1945, but Doss, a medic, refused to retreat and leave behind the wounded. He went back into the firefight to just save one fellow comrade and slowly and painstakingly lowered him down the side of the ridge. A powerful and now famous quote that came from that scene is, "One more, Lord. Give me just one more."

Then Doss went back again and again. He knew he couldn’t win the battle by himself. But he could at least try to save one life at a time, including the lives of the very men in his own company who hated him because of what he believed in and stood for. On that day, May 5, 1945, Doss saved at least 75 men. 

In thinking about what we do here at Ramsey Solutions, I see parallels between us and Private Doss. I’ll explain. 

Consider the single mom, trying to raise and feed her family, who needs help managing her finances and doesn’t yet have a budget. A father, trying to figure out how to plan and pay for a child’s college. A woman who lost her job during the pandemic and is trying to determine what to do next so that she doesn’t lose her house. The young couple recently married who want to purchase a home but have a ton of student loan and credit card debt. A man who wants to plan for retirement but doesn’t know where to start. A widow who’s trying to protect her financial investments and needs guidance on which direction to take. These are examples of who Ramsey Solutions is looking to reach. Every day, we’re looking to influence “just one more.” 

I joined the Ramsey team at a very busy and exciting time—busy because we are working through our own digital transformation, and exciting because we are changing lives. In my role as a Digital Product Manager, I get to work on a squad responsible for a product called SmartDollar. Companies of all sizes purchase SmartDollar and provide it as an employee benefit to help their team members get on a budget, get out of debt, save for the future, and retire with confidence. Ramsey Solutions offers several digital products (check out Ramsey+, EntreLeadership, RamseyTrusted, RamseyEd, to name a few) but regardless, our goal is life-change, for every person we engage with.

Are we going to reach every person in America with our products? Perhaps. To be fair, I’m sure Desmond Doss had no idea that he could save 75 men on that ridge! But the way I see it, we have an amazing opportunity to positively influence people in the battle to disrupt the toxic money culture we live in, one life at a time. We seek out ways to meet people where they are and help provide hope for them in a broken world.

I joined Ramsey Solutions recently, so I’m new to the team. But I’ve followed CEO and founder Dave Ramsey for years. If you’re reading this blog post, you may have already had some level of exposure as well. You’ve likely been through Financial Peace University, listened to The Ramsey Show, read one of Dave’s books or one from the personalities here at Ramsey Solutions. It could be that you’ve attended a live event. Or perhaps you’ve listened to or watched a podcast or show from the Ramsey network. Maybe that’s what brought you here to this blog. Or maybe this is your first introduction to Ramsey Solutions, because someone shared a blog post on social media.   

What led me to follow Ramsey Solutions was the messaging; it was the content. It was the shows, books, events and podcasts—and the heart behind it. What led me to join the team is the work.

Here at Ramsey Solutions headquarters, near the team member entrance is a large sign that says, “Someone’s life will change because you came to work today.” Here, we get to solve some interesting problems that really matter. I get to explore opportunities for how to work with companies we sell our product to that will affect change and how people interact with money. I am blessed to work with talented designers, content specialists, brilliant engineers, driven marketers, financial coaches, salespeople, and leaders to continuously improve the solutions, tools and content we provide in SmartDollar. My role allows me to interact with customers, to hear their needs and wants. I get to ideate on what problems to solve and collaborate with my peers on how best to solve them. This is difficult work, challenging work. But it is worth it, every day, to reach “just one more.”

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